Bright continuation of the stamp series by Václav Zapadlík – "Czech cars"

September 2nd, 2014 got to know that on the 3rd September, 2014 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic will issue a self-adhesive stamp booklet with 2 different definitive postage stamps from the series of Václav Zapadlík – Czech cars. The stamps illustrate such cars as: Škoda Popular Monte Carlo, vintage 1938 and Škoda Superb 3000, vintage 1941.

Václav Zapadlík was born on the 23rd September, 1943 in Prague. In the 90s the whole world began to be interested in his painting art. He cooperated with the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, his works can be found in galleries in San Francisco and in Pebble Beach. After the success of his stamp booklets "World cars" and "Czech cars – Škoda I" the Czech post comes with a second booklet dedicated to cars Škoda. Issues on the theme of historic cars will continue

The stamps are valid from 3rd September, 2014.