BUDAPEST I and II - Special postcards with postage stamp imprint

August 2nd, 2014

Magyar Posta is releasing special postcards with imprinted face values for Europe and outside Europe mainly for tourists visiting Budapest. The picture side of the postcards shows a montage of photographs of the sights of Budapest and the imprinted stamp design bears the inscription "BUDAPEST" with Heroes' Square in the background.

The special picture postcards with postage stamp imprints with a value of HUF 260 and HUF 300 were designed by the graphic artist Attila Elekes using his own photographs. Three thousand copies of each of the postcards were produced by offset printing on 300 g matt coated paper by Codex Zrt.  The new postcards will be available at Filaposta and certain post offices in Budapest from 11 July, but may also be purchased from Magyar Posta's online store.

Tags: #Hungary