Buzzing bees appeared on two bright stamps. A special issue introduced by Canada Post

April 21st, 2018 is excited to introduce to our readers` attention a set of two bright stamps by Canada Post that is dedicated to bees. Designed by Andrew Perro and illustrated by Dave Murray, the items are being issued in the booklet of 10 PermanentTM domestic rate stamps and feature eye-catching illustrations of two species of the important insects. The issue is made in a bright geometric style, which has been described as futuristic cubism.

In announcing these stamps in its Details magazine for collectors, Canada Post said: “When bees begin to appear, it is a sure sign that summer is on the way — and designer Andrew Perro and illustrator Dave Murray have come up with a honey of an issue to help celebrate.”

The bees featured on the stamps are the endangered rusty-patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis) and a metallic green bee (Agapostemon virescens).  The Rusty-patched bumble bee is a medium to large bee. Like most bumble bees, it is yellow and black, but males and workers have a distinctive rusty-coloured patch on the second segment of the abdomen. Unfortunately, the rusty patched bumble bee has declined by 87 percent in the last 20 years.

The metallic green bee is a species of sweat bee that got their name from landing on people and licking the perspiration off in order to get the salt. They are important pollinators for many wildflowers and crops. These bees built their nest in the group. In Canada, this metallic green bee is found in southern Ontario. It also is distributed throughout much of the United States.