October 18th, 2017

Canada Post and USPS jointly explore ‘History of Hockey’. 2 creative joint stamps unveiled

Attention sports fans — the USPS and Canada Post have jointly created stamps to celebrate the history of ice hockey. The Postal Services has unveiled two creative stamps depicting the modern and vintage hockey players.

This is the sixth joint issue for Canada Post and the USPS dating back to 1959 and the first in more than a decade. It’s also their first joint issue celebrating a sport.

Hockey is a great part of Canadian and American culture and it is a very popular sport in both countries. There are men’s and women’s national teams that have shown the great results at the Olympics and World Championships. And FindYourStampsValue.com would also like to remind you that Canada Post has recently released its final NHL stamps concluding its five-year series.

The designs of Canadian and USPS stamps are identical. They have tête-bêche format like one of the most original stamps in 2016 issued by Slovenia Post to celebrate the art of lace making. So the stamps represent a joined pair of similar images in which one is upside down – and the design is strong on nostalgia. The items in this issue are arranged to mirror each other.

Two designs feature a hockey player wearing a contemporary uniform and using modern equipment. Mirrored in the ice beneath him is a player in vintage gear. He is wearing old-fashioned uniform and using old equipment.  The aim of such paired stamps is to follow the game’s evolution and its continuing presence in the lives of players and fans alike.

So, let’s have a look at these two creative pairs of stamps and appreciate their original design!

Canada Post and USPS jointly explore History of Hockey’

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