July 13th, 2018

Canada Post inroduces shark stamps


Despite being demonized by popular fiction and movies, sharks are some of the most fascinating and diverse creatures on Earth. Sharks are also among the world’s oldest surviving species. FindYourStampsValue.com is delighted to present to your attention a special set of five stamps issued to celebrate the endangered sharks that abide in Canadian waters.  These fearsomely fascinating items were designed by Andrew Perro and illustrated by Julius Csotonyi.

Canadian waters provide a shelter for nearly 30 shark species. The five we’ve chosen to highlight in this issue and they have their own unique story. We also invite philately enthusiasts to take a look at other stamps devoted to majestic sharks

The first stamp features a white shark that is also commonly known as the great white shark. It is the most famed of shark species, known worldwide for its large size, predatory nature and reputation for occasionally attacking humans. A white shark inhabits Atlantic waters and occasionally travels to Canadian west coast.

The second one shows the basking shark that is the second-largest shark. Its appearance is frighting and it looks like it could swallow a bus full of people in one gulp. In fact, the basking shark is peaceful and eats plankton, posing no threat to humans.

The third stamp depicts a blue shark that got its name from its beautiful blue colour. This species is one of the most widespread and easily recognizable sharks. Because of their inquisitive nature and need to gently investigate everything, they have earned the nickname “blue dogs” or “puppies of the sea.”

The fourth item features a slow-swimming Greenland shark, found on the Atlantic side of the Arctic, enjoys a longevity greater than any other vertebrate on Earth, more than 400 years, in fact! A visitor to Canadian Atlantic coast, the shortfin mako shark that appeared on the fifth stamp is the fastest shark on the planet, reaching speeds of 50 km/h or more.


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