May 11th, 2018

Celebrating Karl Marx` 200th birthday. A special stamp introduced by German Post

Tags: hurries to let our readers know that German Post has released a special stamp to mark the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. Designed by visual artist Thomas Mayfried, the winning stamp was chosen by Germany's art advisory council and features an abstract portrait of the theorist in black and white. 

Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, political theorist and revolutionary of the 19th Century. Both a scholar and a political activist, Marx is often called the father of Communism, and certainly his Marxist theory provided the intellectual base for various subsequent forms of Communism.

Mayfried, who is based in Munich, created the stamp using a now iconic photograph of Marx taken in 1875 by English photographer John Mayall. This photo shows a portrait of Marx who faces the camera from a side angle. Mayfried reworked the image by printing it in a series of black and white lines. It allowed the designer to create a contemporary interpretation. The design also includes Marx's name in a Sans Serif font, as well as the years of his birth and death. This is the first time that the German economist has been portrayed in black and white. 

Stamps are often used to celebrate the lives of important figures. For example, the Royal Mail released a series of stamps featuring six of David Bowie`s  most iconic album covers.


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