Celebrating Luxembourg’s artistic and cultural legacy – new issue unveiled

September 17th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com received info that Luxembourg Post has unveiled a special stamp issue underlining the significance of the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg that possesses a great variety of important collections. The issue consisting of three itmes has been already designed and is to be put into circulation on the 22d of September.

The National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg Fishmarket can look back on a history of the collection, which reaches back to the end of the 18th century. The two most recent chapters in the history of the Museum are the extension of the main building, which was opened in 2002, and the basic refurbishment and redesign of the so-called Wiltheim wing, completed in 2015, consisting of former nobility and town houses built onto the museum. Today they are host to wheelchair accessible tours and offer plenty of space for touring exhibitions.

In 2014, the museum acquired a rare silver tea caddy. It will be exhibited for the first time as part of the new permanent exhibition "From Mansfeld to design (1500-2014). Lifestyle and applied arts in Luxembourg". The Bavarian Johann Michael Kutzer (1700-1760) created this luxurious work presumably in the early years after he established himself in Luxembourg in 1729. The tea caddy shows an elaborate carving in the Regency style; a raised strap work ornament that merges into stylised floral motifs.

The ceramics of Villeroy & Boch Septfontaines clearly show the spirit of Art Déco with its varied sources of inspiration and its delight in fantasy.

The two Parisian publishing houses Robj and Luce at that time had their artworks produced in Luxembourg and thus also contributed to the renewal of local manufacturing.

The Helios sculpture, which has only been in the craftwork department of the National Museum since 2006, was designed in 1926 for the Robj Company. It shows the Sun God in Greek mythology steering the sun-chariot into the sky.