November 5th, 2017

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Reformation. Latvijas Pasts released a special stamp to celebrate the occasion is glad to let our readers that Latvijas Pasts has released a special stamp to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation of the Church. The item was designed by one of the most talented Latvian designers Jānis Strupulis. He has chosen two important figures of Reformation – Andreas Knöpken and Martin Luther.

The stamp and the first day postmark also depict the Luther rose, a widely recognised symbol for Lutheranism.

The 500th anniversary of Reformation has been already marked by Slovenia PostMagyar PostaPoland and  German  Postal Services.

As mentioned above, this special stamp By Latvijas Post features Andreas Knöpken and Martin Luther who are closely linked with the Reformation. Martin Luther, who rebelled against the Roman Catholic church and began the Reformation, and Andreas Knöpken (also known as Knopke and Knopius), the initiator of the Reformation movement in Latvia.

Reformation is a religious movement in Western and Central Europe that emerged in XVI century. The goal of this movement was to reform the Catholic Church. The Reformation began on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther unveiled his 95 theses that criticized the Catholic Church in Wittenberg. The Reformation initiated Protestantism as a new branch of Christianity. As a result, the church split with the formation of several new denominations that still exist today: Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, Reformed Church, etc.

A number of authors mention Livonia as one of the first regions where the ideas of M. Luther spread outside German territory. The Reformation centre in Livonia was Riga.

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