Celebrating the Bicentenary of Norwegian Central Bank. Two special stamps released by Norway Post

October 16th, 2016

This year marks the 200th anniversary since the Parliament decided to establish a central bank for the new nation. To celebrate this important historical event Norway Post has released two special stamps that stand out for their original and fresh design.

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After Denmark denied Norway its own monetary system, Norwegian Parliament passed a bill to establish Norway’s own central bank. On 14 June 1816, Norges Bank was founded, and two hundred years later it has five primary tasks. The first is the exclusive right to issue banknotes in Norway. The second is to be “the bank of the banks”.

Norges Bank shall also guarantee payment conditions between us and other countries, and it manages the Government Pension Fund Global. The Central Bank Act also states that the bank shall ensure that we have effective payment systems.

Norges Bank was initally located in Trondheim, but in 1893 it moved to Kristiania (Oslo). In 1906, a new building was completed in the capital. Today, the Museum of Contemporary Art holds its exhibitions in the old bank, since a new building for Norges Bank, which was designed by Kjell Lund and Nils Slaatto, was completed on Bankplassen in 1986. The building covered an area totaling 60,000 sq.m and became a point of debate since it challenged existing notions. When the building was finished in 1986, it had cost NOK 2.8 billion.

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