Celebrating the engineering excellence and technical innovation. Isle of Man issued a special miniature sheet to mark the BLOODHOUND Project

September 28th, 2017

Isle of Man Post has issued a miniature sheet celebrating the BLOODHOUND Project and its connections to the Isle of Man. BLOODHOUND is the ambitious programme to set a new land speed record with a supersonic car capable of reaching 1,000mph.

To reflect the incredible levels of engineering excellence involved in the project, the miniature sheet features three special print finishes; metallic ink, varnish and thermochromic ink, which disappears when heated to reveal a technical drawing of the BLOODHOUND car. FindYourStampsValue.com invites everyone to appreciate the extraordinarity and creativity of this philatelic item!

The sheet includes two stamps and two labels, with one featuring the legendary Richard Noble and current world record holder Andy Green, BLOODHOUND’s driver. Behind the images lie technical line drawings underlining that this miniature sheet is a showcase of engineering prowess as well as the ambition of setting new records.

The car includes components designed and built in the Isle of Man, a connection this issue celebrates. For example, an essential regulator created by Swagelok plays a crucial role in the car’s fuel system, alongside other functions.

The bond was strengthened in September 2017 when the BLOODHOUND team visited the Isle of Man to speak to secondary school students, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of engineers to take advantage of the training opportunities and career paths available in the Island.

In addition to promoting the British-led bid to set a new world record, the miniature sheet BLOODHOUND SSC – The Adventure Takes Shape commemorates the project’s links to the Isle of Man. Important elements of the car are being designed and made in the Island, including an essential regulator created by Swagelok which will play a crucial role in the car’s fuel system, alongside other functions.