Celebrating the International Day of Families. “My family” 2017 stamp introduced by Latvia Post

May 26th, 2017

There has been a change of the winner of the new stamp design contest My Family – Superteam held by Latvijas Pasts and the parents’ organization Mammamuntetiem.lv, and the winner now is Ervīns Elliņš.

The winning stamp of the contest has been already released; in its honor Latvijas Pasts is going to implement the concept of a parents-friendly post office in the second of its post offices. FindYourStampsValue.com encourages our readers to access a fresh design of this original item.

The change of the stamp design contest winner has been made in accordance with the competition rules as a result of discovering non-compliance with copyright, which has also been admitted by the previously nominated contest winner. Therefore the title of the contest winner has now been awarded to the contestant who received the next largest number of votes. This is Ervīns Elliņš whose stamp design sketch earned 758 of the 5,690 votes cast by social network users. Consequently, the second place goes to Nils Ulass and the third – to Inese Mierkalne.

The parents-friendly post office features a number of elements. First, there is a special service button For new parents in the customer flow control system, which provides for the priority service for expecting mothers and new parents with children up to the age of seven. Second, there is a specially created children’s corner, where the fittings are made of Latvian wood and where eco-friendly paints have been used. It has a special design that presents information of the operation of Latvijas Pasts in a fun way. It is possible to “take a ride” in a miniature company’s car across the outline of Latvia, showing the company’s daily mail exchange routes throughout the country, as well as to fill in several different types of postcards.

This is already the sixth new stamp design contest of Latvijas Pasts that has been held this year in collaboration with the parents’ organisation Mammamuntetiem.lv, calling for entries for the stamp design ideas on the subject My Family – Superteam. A total of 227 design sketches were submitted for the contest, of which 20 entries were shortlisted for the final vote by the members of the jury, composed of experts in graphic design, philately and family matters.  The voting, which was open for the social network users of Twitter, Facebook or Draugiem accounts, ran from the 7th to the 17th of April.

The stamp design contest has become a tradition of Latvijas Pasts, offering the general public an opportunity to get involved in the stamp creation process. In the day-to-day practice the issue of stamps is determined by the special Stamp Issue Committee.

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