Celebrating the Isle of Man’s rich cultural heritage. A special miniature sheet of five stamps released by Isle of Man Post

April 18th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is proud to present to our readers’ attention a special miniature sheet by Isle of Man Post featuring popular Manx festivals and that celebrate the Island’s rich artistic and cultural heritage.

This colourful collection uses colour blocks on each stamp to represent the stage of the festival while words related to each of the festivals is displayed in microtext.

On the bottom edge of the miniature sheets the logos for each of the stamps can be found as labels beneath their respective festivals. Above the stamps is the title of the stamp collection, with the Manx Translation, Feaillaghyn Ayns Mannin, along with some decorative Celtic knots and some Manx dancers.

The festivals features on the miniatures sheet are (in the order they appear from left to right):

  • Mananan International Festival stamp

The Annual Mananan International Festival of Music and Arts is a performing arts festival held every year in late June/ early July at the Erin Arts Centre, in the lovely seaside resort of Port Erin, Isle of Man.  Performances are mainly classical music but the festival has also included folk, jazz, cabaret, drama, dance, puppets, indian music, lectures, talks, films, BBC Radio 3 broadcasts, art exhibition, youth competitions, audiences with... and floral demonstrations.

  • Manx Lit Fest sramp

The Isle of Man’s annual Literature Festival celebrates literary talent and brings together readers, best-selling authors and renowned poets from around the British Isles.

  • The Manx Music, Speech and Dance Festival (a.k.a The Guild) stamp

The Isle of Man has very strong musical traditions and since 1892, when it was formed, The Guild through its competitive nature, has provided motivation to improve, initially for choirs, followed by solo singing and later to a wide range of music, spoken word and dance. The climax of the Festival occurs with the competition for the Cleveland, Ohio (USA) Manx Society’s Gold Medal, donated annually by this organisation and competed for by the winners of six Special Solo classes held during the week.

  • Shennaghys Jiu stamp

From the modest but highly motivated beginnings in 1998 Shennaghys Jiu has gone on from strength to strength and has hosted a wide range of talent from many different Celtic Cultures. The festival has hosted musicians, from all the Celtic Nations and continue to forge links with groups from Galicia enabling the festival to continue to sound fresh, yet keep its warm friendly atmosphere.

  • CeltFest (formerly Yr Chrunnaght) stamps

Celtfest Isle of Man is the fresh new name for the summer festival held in Peel each July. And Celtfest Isle of Man is brought to the visitors by Yn Chruinnaght, a group of like-minded individuals who love all things Celtic. The festival includes a number of events with music, dance, language, arts and crafts, lectures and more.

Yn Chruinnaght (meaning ‘the gathering’) is a celebration of Manx culture and the relationship between the Isle of Man and the other five Celtic countries (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany).

Isle of Man Festivals 2017 First Day Cover

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