Centennial of Thai Engineering Commemorative Stamps

June 4th, 2013

The postage stamps to commemorate one hundred years of Thai engineering depict the figure of the bas-relief sculpture created by Professor SilpaBhirasri (CorradoFeroci), reflecting the working and engineering equipment, located in Building No.1 of the College of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University.

Thai engineering science was initiated on June 1, 1913. After the establishment of "The Royal Pages School" in the reign of King Rama V prior to being renamed "Civil Service College of King Chulalongkorn" in the reign of King Rama VI, engineering course had been taught to support various mechanical works under the name "The Engineering School (YantaraSuksa School) of Civil Service College of King Chulalongkorn". Later on this school had been combined with the Irrigation Technician School (Ministry of Agriculture) and established to become "The Faculty of Engineering of Chulalongkorn University". It is the beginning of many engineering institutions in subsequent years.

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