Check your old stamps - Win the lottery

September 30th, 2007

A stamp valuation company Find Your Stamp's Value and have conducted an interesting poll.

The respondents were asked 2 questions:
1. Do you think modern stamps can be valuable?
2. Do you think your grandparents' stamps are valuable?

Five thousand people were surveyed - primarily in the US. Ninety percent of those polled are not philatelists. They do not professionally collect stamps. They are just regular people.

These are the results of the survey: Sixty-five percent of the respondents are sure that contemporary stamps (issued within the past five years) could have some value. As for shoe and cigar boxes filled with stamps by a late uncle or their parents or grandparents – the same 65% are sure the stamps could be worth a lot and they should be carefully kept and their real value should be investigated.

Basically, if you have stamps you have a lottery ticket. Despite the pessimism of professional philatelists, you always have a chance to win!

According to Find Your Stamp's Value, in 2006, four people declared 'winning' (over $10,000). At the same time, hundreds of regular people have found out that one or more their stamps are worth over $500.