Childhood never disappears from us. Childhood’s characters appeared on 4 new stamps by Romfilatelia

June 9th, 2016

Some of the most beloved literary genres are fairytales and stories. These, along with nursery rhymes, accompany children from their first days of life and create the first contact with imaginary worlds. To remind us of beautiful childhood times Romfilatelia released four new stamps bringing to the fore-front some of the beloved fairy-tale characters: Prince Charming and Ileana Cosanzeana, Neghinita, Mr. Goe and the heroes of the Two penny bag. invites our readers to appreciate bright design of these four philatelic items.

The evocation of childhood is a favourite theme in the writings for children, this creating the most popular masterpieces of both the universal and Romanian literature. On June 1st, International Children's Day, Romfilatelia celebrates the heroes of childhood, those characters that have enthralled us and taught us to be brave, honest, modest, hardworking, true, perseverant, real friends and many more abilities that prove useful in the life of an adult.

Two penny bag, by Ion Creanga, is a much beloved story of childhood. Laden with archetypes, the story of the bag sets in contrast the kind old man and the mean old lady, the hard-working rooster and the greedy nobleman, providing the child who reads it a panoply of characters from which to learn good from bad.

Neghinita, the main character of the story with the same name, written by Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea and Mr. Goe, I.L. Caragiale's character, are both the embodyment of the troublesome and dissobedient child.

Prince Charming is the main character of Romanian folktales. He must rescue and free lady Ileana Cosanzeana, his chosen one. For her, Prince Charming must overcome obstacles and trials beyond the power of an ordinary man. Ileana Cosanzeana, also known as Ileana Simziana or Chira Chiralina, is an idealization of femininity, much as Prince Charming is an idealization of masculinity. Created as the other half of Prince Charming, and many times the reason why he is subjected to great trials, Ileana Cosanzeana is also the main character of her own stories. Although both find their beginning in Romanian folklore, their best known adventures were told by Petre Ispirescu.

A book read as a child becomes a part of ones identity in a way that no other reading in our whole life does.

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