Children’s Postage Stamp – Fables

November 24th, 2014

Every year, almost all world postal administrations publish a special postage stamp issue named Children’s postage stamp.

The motifs of these stamps are usually the favourite children’s pets and fairy tales and literature heroes, children’s toys, cartoons. Children’s stamps may include educational and corrective topics in animated form, i.e. drawings on certain topics that children normally learn in school: famous scientists and phenomena that they study, historical figures and events, sports heroes, pets and attitude towards them...They are all represented in a way that is interesting and understandable to little children.

The theme of this year’s Children’s postage stamp is the fable - short story in which animals behave like humans. Fables are at the same time instructive stories, narrated concisely and with great humor, and containing important life truths. Dositej Obradović, Serbian educator and fabulist has collected and published the fables that are motifs on stamps.

Motifs on stamps: 23 RSD - The dog and his shadow; 35 RSD - The fox and the crow; 46 RSD - The rooster and the precious stone; 70 RSD - The turtle and the eagle.

Motifs on the envelopes: a - Two mice; b - Pig and oak.

Children Postage Stamp-Fables FDC - Two miceChildren Postage Stamp-Fables FDC - Pig and oak

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