China Danxia – one of the world Heritage sites

November 24th, 2014 is glad to announce that China Post has introduced a special philatelic issue paying tribute to the beuty of Danxia. 'Danxia' refers to an impressive and rugged landscape shaped by weathering and erosion on continental red sandstone sedimentary beds.

The site comprises six areas in China's southern provinces, namely Chishui from Guizhou, Taining from Fujian, Liangshan from Hunan, Danxiashan from Guangdong, Longhushan from Jiangxi and Jianglangshan from Zhejiang. The poetic and panoramic beauty of the cliffs, gorges, waters and trees in Danxia is fully depicted in this stamp issue.

China Danxia was inscribed on the World Heritage List by the World Heritage Committee under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2010. Danxia landforms are characterised by spectacular red cliffs and a range of erosional landforms, including dramatic natural pillars, towers, ravines, valleys and waterfalls.

They are the result of endogenous forces (including tectonic uplift) and exogenous forces (including weathering and erosion) acting on continental red terrigenous sedimentary beds over the millennia. China Danxia comprises Taining in Fujian, Langshan in Hunan, Danxiashan in Guangdong, Longhushan in Jiangxi, Jianglangshan in Zhejiang and Chishui in Guizhou, each having distinctive geological features. The splendour of the Danxia landforms is beautifully presented on the stamp sheetlet for all to see.

The issue will be put into circulation on the 4th of December.

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