Chinese Horoscope: the Snake stamp from French Polynesia

February 11th, 2013

The post of French Polynesia issued a stamp to commemorate the Year of the Snake.

The Snake is the sixth animal that appears in the order of arrival in the Chinese zodiac, related to the Chinese calendar.
The "Snake" is described as a perfect being. Elegant and seducing, it has a taste for the finest things in life, nightly atmospheres and softly lit settings, which provide peaceful surroundings. But it remains very leery and has a bent for mystery. In Asian countries, it has a fine reputation and is revered for its wisdom and sagacity.

This portrait sums up the Snake’s general traits but not its personal characteristics. Individuals born during a Snake year are therefore different according to the element they are related to. Snakes have a common stable agent identified as FIRE. But their yearly agent varies according to their year of birth, which determines whether a Snake’s yearly agent/element is Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth.

This year, Snakes will be under the influence of Water.