Chocolate stamps from Belgium to arouse senses

March 26th, 2013

bpost launched new exclusive chocolate stamps to awake the senses. Their adhesive layer is flavored with chocolate and the stamp itself also releases a fragrance of chocolate.
Many stamps issued by Belgium were devoted to "Chocolat". In 1999, it was the process of chocolate producing which was honored; in 2006, the issue devoted to Belgian gastronomy had booked a place to the chocolate.

The five new stamps illustrate chocolate in all its forms: granules, pralines, chocolate spread, lumps and bars. Tony Le Duc, gastronomic photographer, and Kathleen Miller, graphic artist, were responsible for the design of stamps and sheet.
The chocolate taste was incorporated in the gummed part of stamps in the form of essential oil of cocoa, so it releases when licked. The stamps have also chocolate aroma, which rises from the ink to which the flavoring was added. It's not the first time when a scented postage stamp is issued, but this scent is now combined with taste, which is an absolute premiere.
It wasn't an easy task to find the scent and taste of dark chocolate that characterize Belgian chocolate. Partners from at least four countries (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland) worked it out jointly. strongly recommends to smell and taste the new stamps!