Christmas as the magical and wonderful holiday. Seven festive stamps released by Guernsey Post

November 16th, 2016

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, when families gather to share special times, cards and gifts are exchanged and many happy memories are made. is happy to present to your attention seven beautiful stamps by Guernsey Post that issue feature selected symbols that represent some of the most popular Christmas traditions in the UK and beyond.

Christmas is the festival which is celebrated world-wide with equal vigour and zeal. Apart from traditions, rituals and customs, there are symbols as well which are popularly associated with the celebration of this particular festival.

In fact, these symbols have become so common with the masses that through these symbols people come to know that Christmas has actually arrived. So, get acquainted with some of the symbols that have been eventually attached with the celebration of the day, which marks the birth of Jesus Christ, in this philatelic release.