Christmas as the most important holiday in Niue

December 8th, 2014 is glad to inform that Niue Post has introduced its own version of Christmas stamps. The issue consists of four stamps that will be put into circulation on the 10th of December. Each stamp features different traditional Christmas tree baubles overlaid with motifs found on Niuean hiapo (tapa cloth) as well as the Niuean phrase 'Monuina e Kilisimasi' ('Merry Christmas').

Weaving is a traditional art form in Niue, with the knowledge of weaving being passed down through elders and family members to the younger generation. The 2014 Niue Christmas stamp issue features Niuean weaving designs incorporated into traditional Christmas decorations. Pre-order your stamps for 10 December 2014.

Christmas is an important holiday in Niue, with many Niueans who live abroad travelling back to Niue for the holiday season. A traditional Niuean Christmas is spent with friends and family, reflecting on the meaning of the holiday season and the year gone by.

The hiapo is a hand-woven and decorated barkcloth from Niue, with the patterns in this issue coming from hiapo from the 1800s. Heavily influenced by the Samoan missionaries, the patterns and motifs bear striking similarities to Samoan weaving from the same time period. Hiapo were traditionally woven from the bark of the paper mulberry tree.