Christmas began early this year. Let’s view Christmas stamp issue by Åland Post

October 6th, 2015

The autumn has just begun but Post Offices from around the world have already unveiled their Christmas stamps. And Åland Post is not an exception. invites our readers to throw a look at this festive stamp issue that will be introduced on Stamp Day, i.e. 9 October. The heartwarming motifs were designed by Fideli Sundqvist, the most prominent paper artist in Sweden.

Swedish paper artist and illustrator Fideli Sundqvist created the originals for the stamps entirely in paper before photographing them. Fideli has made a name for herself through her elaborate paper artwork for Louis Vuitton, among others, and she has also released an inspirational book about paper.

The two 2015 Christmas stamps have the denominations "Julpost" and "Europa". Stamps with the no-value indicator "Julpost" may be used for sending Christmas greetings within Åland and to Sweden and Finland at a reduced price for a limited period prior to Christmas.

Any adjustment of the current Christmas postage of €0.70 for the coming season will be determined in late autumn. The no-value indicator "Europa" equals priority postage for mail up to 20 gram (currently €1.20).