Christmas celebrated by San Marino Post. One special stamp introduced

October 19th, 2017 hurries to introduce to our readers’ attention a special Christmas stamp released by San Marino. This bright item was designed by Cecilia Marzocchi who won the competition launched by UFN for the creation of a design for the Christmas issue.

This year’s Christmas stamp is dedicated to the theme of solidarity. We also invite you to appreciate Christmas 2017 stamp issues that have been already released by the USPS, Åland Post and Isle of Man Post.

The design of San Marino special item is very creative and features some hands that, pointing to the star above, form and receive with their gesture a Christmas tree and Mount Titano. Above this image there is a star that is also a bright symbol of Christmas.

Christmas in San Marino is a really magical holiday that brings everyone the unique and unforgettable moments. During the Christmas time the country is full of wonderful lights, sounds, colors and tastes. Here in San Marino Christmas is conceived to amaze and fascinate, to recreate a traditional as well as an innovative atmosphere that can be the ideal setting for a holiday or a stop in the city, beautiful and modern at the same time.