Christmas cupcakes appeared on new festive stamps. Six special item released by Gibraltar Post

November 15th, 2017

Everyone has a favorite Christmas cookie, but Christmas cupcakes are where you can surprise and delight in a whole new way this holiday.

Cupcakes have become widely popular due to their versatility with the range of designs and flavours! This type of bakery provides people with limitless options which can stir their imagination. invites everyone to appreciate a new Christmas stamp issue by Gibraltar Post. These six special stamps feature cupcakes specially produced by a famous bakery in Gibraltar - Piece of Cake. The issue represents Gibraltar’s heritage, the local people’s love for the festive season and their love for all treats! We would also like to remind you that the previous Christmas stamps by Gibraltar Post previous Christmas stamps by Gibraltar Post also featured Christmas bakery - delicious biscuits.

In Christmas cupcakes is a popular trend that adds a special flavor and atmosphere to a festive season. Seasonal designs are particularly interesting as cake artists’ always try to make unique, cute or funny designs. Very often Christmas cakes are decorated with the traditional symbols of this popular holiday such as stars, presents, Christmas trees, deer, snowmen etc.

Piece of Cake CEO Sharon Garcia commented on the issue: "When designing these cupcakes we wanted to apply a local theme to a Christmas design. We had to create something unique to Gibraltar. Our Christmas tree had to be adapted to our Rock of Gibraltar.

Our rock ape also had to feature a Christmas hat. The snowman reflects our national football team colours and emblem on his hat, symbolic of our new prominence in the football world. We also feature our beloved Pan Dulce-a cake typically enjoyed by Gibraltarians over Christmas.”