September 17th, 2017

Christmas flavor brought with the special stamps. Two fresh items introduced by Åland Post

Appearing on 9 October, the gingerbread houses featured on this year’s Christmas stamps bring out the flavour and spirit of Christmas.

Two practised gingerbread bakers, Ålanders Micael de Haas and Matilda Fyrqvist, each created a homemade gingerbread house exclusively for Åland Post. invites our readers to take a look at one of the this year`s first festive stamp releases and appreciate its captivating design.

Gingerbread baking is a Yuletide tradition to many Ålanders, so even to Micael de Haas who, together with My Vuoristo and Alexandra de Haas, has baked a gingerbread farmhouse for one of the 2017 Christmas stamps. The three bakers traditionally meet every year to bake a gingerbread house. They abandoned the more common type of gingerbread houses at an early stage and have baked a merry-go-round and the Eiffel Tower. Their future baking plans include the ship Pommern and a windmill. Even so, the task was quite a challenge, My recounts:

“At first, we had problems imagining a traditional gingerbread house, and we had to bake the house three times before it kept together. The humidity was too high, and the house had to be ready in the autumn, so, there was some gnashing of teeth.”

Figuring out how to make the design work in gingerbread dough is what My and Micael find most interesting. Micael cuts and measures the moulds. They all bake and assemble the pieces, but Alexandra is the master of decor.

Inspired by architect Hilda Hongell’s houses, the other gingerbread house was made by Matilda Fyrqvist, pastry cook at popular coffee shop Bagarstugan in Mariehamn.

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