Christmas in Samoa – a really exciting event

December 21st, 2014 is glad to introduce a new issue by Samoa Post dedicated to Christmas 2014. The stamps release consists of four items that were put into circulation on the 16th of December.

Christmas in Samoa is a fun and exciting time of the year for Samoans and visitors to the country. At Christmas time, Samoa is a country on the move. Some families go on small journeys to other rural or urban parts of Samoa to visit family and friends.

Many houses are festooned by this time with tinsel, coloured paper, Christmas messages and floral decorations. Music filters the air everywhere ‒ Christian, rap, pop, rock ‒ all seem to have a Christmas theme.

Christmas in Samoa is about togetherness and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Church activities play a prominent role in the festivities with many children proudly performing in dramas about the nativity story. Children are cherished members of Samoan families and most are rewarded with gifts from their families for achievements throughout the year.

Christmas day begins with church and a sense of renewal takes place as everyone remembers the miracle of Christ's birth. Afterwards, food, presents, some noisy games of kilikiti or volleyball or a leisurely nap are typical Christmas day favourites for Samoans.