Christmas in Serbia – new festive stamp issue

October 25th, 2014 is glad to inform that Serbian Post issued a set of stamps dedicated to an upcoming Christmas. The stamp release consists of two stamps that depicts the religious themes of this holiday.

The entire Christian world celebrates the Nativity of Chirst holidays on 25th December. However, three Orthodox Patriarchates - Jerusalem, Russian and Serbian, count the time according to the Julian calendar, and their believers, due to the difference of 13 days, celebrate Christmas on 7th January. Christmas is considered as one of the most important and joyful Christian holidays, and its message is message of peace and love.

Christmas in Serbia is commemorated three days. This is, above all, a family holiday, marked with numerous ancient traditions. On the eve of Christmas, so-called Badnji Dan (Day before Christmas), Badnjak (an oak-tree yule log) is brought into the house, a vigil lamp is lighted, and straw scattered across the floor, together with some sweets, prunes, walnuts, sugar cubes and coins hidden.

The straw is there to symbolize the Nativity scene, the yule log is a symbol of longevity and steadiness of Christianity, and the warmth of love that Christ brings to us by His birth and arrival to the Earth. On the Christmas day, early in the morning, the church bells toll and announce the arrival and birth of Christ. The people go to church to the Christmas Liturgy and greet one another: "Christ is Born!", answering: "He is truly Born!"

Motif on the stamp face value 23,00 RSD: "Christmas Anthem" fresco from the Monastery of Žiča, 1309-1316. Motif on the stamp face value 70,00 RSD: the central motif of the "Christmas Anthem" fresco from the Monastery of Žiča – Virgin with Child and notes with the song of Damaskin Grdanički.