Christmas stamps prepared by Faroe Islands Post

November 13th, 2014

According to info got by this year's Christmas stamps depict two Santa figures that all children – and adults – in the Faroe Islands know from the national children's radio programmes: Greytasleikur (Porridge Lover) and Kertustubbi (Candle Stump).

Every Christmas, children can call in and talk with them on Christmas Eve morning and in the afternoon they are part of the Christmas party at the radio station that is broadcast "live".

These two Santa figures live in Skeivahelli (the Crooked Cave) together with the old grey tomcat called Halaleysi (the Tailless).

Greytasleikur and Kertustubbi are like all other Santa figures – friendly and cheerful – and they make many funny faces when talking to the excited children.

On the Christmas stamps, the Santa figures preparing for Christmas as they play and frolic in the snow can be seen. They have much to prepare, including testing the old Macaroni radio transmitter to make sure that it works on Christmas Eve.