August 1st, 2016

Church gathered the grandiose charity stamp collection. The record of 150,000 stamps is set! invites our readers to get to know the latest exciting news from the world of philately. This one concerns an interesting fundraising project that was involved in gathering stamps.

The results are more than incredible: more than 150,000 used stamps have been donated to a Banbury church (United Kingdom)!

Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints in Bankside have been collecting, cutting out and sorting stamps which will now be sold to raise money. The collection has been donated through a variety of sources, including avid stamp collectors passing on albums and people getting rid of old Christmas card envelopes.

When they are sorted, the stamps will be sent on to Oxfam and Leukaemia Care who will sell them.

The church's local leader Bishop Michael Mallett said: "What a blessing it is to be able to serve in such a simple way.

We have been taught 'that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass'.

This simple act of saving and processing stamps makes a world of difference in the lives of individuals at home and abroad".
Anyone with stamps to donate can drop them off at the Artery arts centre in Parsons Street.

Owner Barry Whitehead said: "It's so wonderful seeing so many people support this initiative, and the huge influx of stamps we received in the last month or two has been phenomenal.

It is a great way for people to support the two charities without having to consider the financial cost.

Used stamps are a surplus and we often bin envelopes without realising that the stamps actually have a value of their own after they have served their initial purpose". Sourced by

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