CoinBrothers – a numismatic paradise for all collectors

February 29th, 2016 is eager to recommend our readers an innovative portal from the "parallel" numismatic world – CoinBrothers.

Do you want to swap coins and keep your numismatic collection in order? Yes? Then you will be extremely interested in using a new smart service. Although it is not our specialization but an idea of such a site like CoinBrothers seems very interesting for us and it would be great when such a service will be implemented in the world of stamp collecting. So, let's get acquainted with this innovative project together!

The creator of CoinBrothers (, World Coins Catalog & Swap Service has collected coins since early childhood, continuing his grandfather's collection. At some point, he realized that the greatest pleasure comes not from the possession of a particular coin, but from such three processes:

  • Identification – when through catalogs, or through various forums and sites a collector can find out what kind of coin came into his possession.

  • Knowledge – when a person finds new and interesting information related to the coin such as the geographical, historical, political and even economic facts of the coin.

  • Communication – live communication with like-minded people, numismatists, from around the world with whom you can buy or trade coins.

Unfortunately, there are no numismatic online resources that fully meet all collectors' needs. So, a new service was created; one that is modern and more functionally perfect. For a coin collector with 15 years of experience in the IT industry (creating online services and working with online communities), such a task was an interesting challenge.

The beta version of the service is ready; all that's needed now is content. First step that should be made is to create a complete catalog of coins. To do this, the creator of CoinBrothers made an elegant tool to add to the catalog of coins and convenient functionality for the collective editing of information. The executive team of the project is pursuing an ambitious goal: to not only try to draw in the maximum number of coins, but to report on each coin a vast amount of information and to illustrate it by using a series of high-quality photos.

For instance, you may enjoy already the whole series of USA Presidential $1 Coin Program and America the Beautiful Quarters ProgramRussian Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics.

For the sake of convenience the Duplicate functionality was added, which allows the collector to copy the entire coin including photo. So, the procedure of adding new series of coins becomes less tiresome. All data are tagged and sorted. As a result, with a simple twist of the wrist you can get a list of all coins, on which, for example, a certain animal or ship is depicted. You can also get coins that have the image of definite ruler, of the country or the province.

When the catalog is filled with coins, all collectors will be able to adequately enjoy a unique and very convenient interface for exchange. Having tried all the possible exchange services, a flexible and convenient tool was created. Now a collector can exchange even with the help of a phone. The whole communication and exchange of photos is made in the messenger, and trade operations are clear and diverse. After the exchange, you need to press a button adding barter coins to your collection and editing the exchanger, taking all the losses into account. The exchange partner can be assessed and followed in order to offer exchange again, when he will have new coins.

The result is a numismatic paradise, where the collectors can skillfully manage their collections, exchange funds and wish lists. CoinBrothers is open to any kind of useful ideas and is ready to implement them with pleasure to the benefit of users.