Collecting as a hobby that provides useful footnote to history

February 2nd, 2015 hurries to inform that Spanish Post introduced a special Collecting booklet consisting of eight self-adhesive stamps illustrating objects relating to badge, pipe, coin and stamp collecting. The item has been already designed and will be put into circulation on the 3d of February.

The cover shows the emblem of the European Collectors Convention (ECC), which is being held in Torremolinos for the second year running. The ECC brings together European dealers and collectors of items such as fossils, minerals, postcards, old paper, coins, banknotes and stamps, with a special focus on philately and numismatics and their contribution to knowledge of history, culture and tradition.

Badges and insignias are small emblems or distinguishing marks displayed on clothing and attached using pins or other fastenings. They originate in the marks of rank or honour used in the military, and are now used for decoration, political statements or advertising. Political parties, sports clubs, alcoholic drinks, musical instruments and custom designs are just a few of the motifs to be seen on today's lapels, backpacks or beanies.

Pipes are a sought-after collectors' items for tobacco smokers, and are the subject of one of the self-adhesive stamps. They were introduced into Europe by the Portuguese from the West Indies, where their use was widespread. Pipes can be different shapes and sizes, curved or straight. They are most often wooden, made of briar root, boxwood, rosewood or ebony. They can be elaborately carved, engraved or inset.

Numismatics, or the study and collection of coins and banknotes, provides a useful footnote to history. Gods and kings, equestrian figures, animals and monuments are a few of the images which appear on coins and banknotes, depending on their period, dynasty and artistic tastes of the time.

Philately, or stamp collecting, thanks to the diversity of subjects depicted on stamps, can constitute a history of humanity. The long list of motifs includes illustrious figures, sporting triumphs, works of art, national parks and famous local dishes, forming a sequence of events and landmarks which help to disseminate the culture of their countries.

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