Collectors turned out in the hunt for new treasures of Swindon Stamp and Postcard Fair

January 10th, 2015 got to know that Swindon Stamp and Postcard Fair were attended by thousands of collectors to hunt for rare and valuable stamps. The philatelic fair was held on the 3d of January.

There were 12 exhibitors at the Western Community Centre, in Somerset Road and rare and commemorative stamps were showcased.

Trader Roger Truman said everyone was keen to see satisfied customers.

"We've got everything from stamps, accessories and postcards for visitors to see", he said.

"I try to have as much covered as possible, so nobody is disappointed. I started collecting when I was three and I've been dealing since the 1960s. Stamp collecting is a terrible drug, it is worse than heroin, people just get addicted to it. I know some people do it when they're younger and grow out of it but I just didn't grow up".

Fellow trader Mike Tanner was selling stamps worth between 10p and £100 and said he had thousands in his collection.

He said: "We have a whole world of stamps here from specialist Commonwealth stamps to Great Britain ones.

I've been a dealer for eight years, having been a collector, and I thought it was a good way of keeping involved when I retired.

I have many thousands of stamps in my boxes".
This successful fair was organized by Swindon Philatelic Society that is one of the most popular philatelic clubs in UK.