November 26th, 2015

Commemorating the great personalities…Two artistic stamps released by Israeli Post

Israel is a rich country that can boast of many great personalities and a lot of them are connected to the world of theater and entertainment. Channa Marron and Sefi Rivlin were two of the most prominent and iconic artists of the Israeli stage. Channa Marron, who was born in Berlin, was known mainly for classic theater while Sefi Rivlin, a native-born Israeli, was renowned for his comedic abilities. Each of these artists earned a place in the pantheon of Israeli culture. encourages our readers to get acquainted with these great artists with the help of this bright stamp issue.

Channa Marron (1923 – 2014) stamp

Channa Marron, nee Mayerzak, known as the first lady of Israeli theater, began her acting career at the age of four in her native Berlin. Hanne'le Mayerzak starred in over twenty plays (including the first theater production of Punktchen und Anton by Erich Kastner), seven films (including M – the first sound film by Fritz Lang) and numerous radio plays. In 1933 she had to leave Germany. After two years in Paris, where she portrayed leading roles in a number of plays, Mayerzak-Marron finally settled in Tel-Aviv and was soon integrated into the local Hebrew-speaking theater.

Channa Marron received many awards for her work in the theater and cinema, as well as her artistic endeavors, including the Israel Prize in 1973.

The stamp features a photographed portrait by Israel Haramaty and a photograph from the television series Krovim Krovim, courtesy of Israel Educational Television.

Sefi Rivlin (1947 – 2013) stamp

Yosef (Sefi) Rivlin was a versatile, respected and beloved actor and comedian, a virtuoso and one of Israel's premier artists. His diverse career spanned a wide range of roles in the theater, film, festivals, musicals, one-man shows, television series and more. He was awarded the Israeli Television Academy Award and a Golden Mask Prize for lifetime achievement.

Rivlin portrayed numerous film roles, including the leading role in HaShiga'on HaGadol. He was a bold comedic actor, exuding a charming and captivating kind of madness.

The stamp features a photographed portrait by Raphael Ben Dor.

The stamp and tab feature photographs from the television series BaBayit shel Fistuk. The FDC bears an illustration by Zina Roitman of Sefi Rivlin based on a photograph of a scene from "BaBayit shel Fistuk".

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