Congratulations! Stamps from Finland

March 4th, 2014

Itella Posti Oy released a new set of stamps "Congratulations!" adding a bit of extra style to a birthday or other greeting card.

Five new ways to say "congrats" Illustrator Kaarina Toivanen, renowned for her many postage stamp and postcard designs, has created a booklet of five 1st class stamps ideal for marking happy occasions of all kinds. According to Toivanen, floral motifs work well for graduations, birthdays, weddings and even children's parties. Each booklet includes a set of Priority labels to match the stamps.

A series of short greetings are featured on the cover of the Congratulations! booklet, which exudes the balmy warmth of a sunny summer's day. On the back cover is a stylized bar code, also the work of Toivanen, which takes its creative cue from a summer meadow.

Tags: #Finland