Creating a feeling of warm nostalgia with stamps. 8 special Christmas items introduced by Jersey Post

November 8th, 2017 invites everyone to recapture the magic and wonder of Christmas with eight bright festive stamps introduced by Jersey Post! Reminisce Christmas brings you back to the most treasured time of the year.

These special philatelic featuring families of 60s celebrating Christmas have been designed to create a feeling of warm nostalgia with each stamp depicting a traditional festive activity.

Set in the 1950s and 1960s, each stamp depicts a traditional festive activity including bringing home the Christmas tree, making the Christmas cake and carol singing which many will recognise as typical of their childhood Christmases.

In 60s Christmas was traditionally celebrated in the family circle. Most families had a Christmas Tree (or maybe even two) in their house for this joyful holiday. Usually the tree was decorated by the whole family. The tradition of a Christmas tree decoration was introduced and popularized by Prince Albert, the husband of the English Queen Victoria. The whole family gathered to have a festive dinner and sing carols. Today these traditions have been slightly changed, but the main difference the vintage and modern Christmas is that there were no computer games and less reliance on television for entertainment. Children spent many hours reading Christmas annuals and playing with a range of toys from die-cast model cars, dolls, hula-hoops, puzzles and games many of which are still family favourites today.

Melanie Gouzinis, Head of Philatelic at Jersey Post, reflects, “Of course, most of these traditions are still going strong today but Ruth Palmer’s interpretation reminds us of the time before computers and mobile phones, when families wore their Sunday best for Christmas dinner and festive patterned jumpers were worn in a non-ironic way!”