Crowns of the Kings of Romania stamps from Romania

February 28th, 2013

As a consistent promoter of the national cultural and historical values, through the themes of its postage stamps, Romfilatelia presented the postage stamps issue "Crowns of the Kings of Romania" presenting to former generations and to new ones the symbols of the Romanian royalty on the background of the great events in the history which marked the State Independence and recognition of Romania as a sovereign country.

The stamps feature:

  • The Steel Crown of King Carol I, a symbol of the State Independence of Romania, afterwards of the Country Reintegration and an important symbol of the Romanian Monarchy, was manufactured from the steel of a cannon captured by the Romanian army against the Ottoman armies at Plevna in 1877.

  • The Crown of Queen Elisabeta, it completes the concept of modesty and austerity of the crown of King Carol I, being based on the simplicity of volumes and designed with a circular base with edges marked by veins.

  • The gold of the Crown of Queen Marie, it was a unique model, designed by Costin Petrescu and forged by the Falize Freres House of Paris. The uniqueness of the crown is not only in its design being not like that of the regular crowns of the European dynastic houses, but also in its ellipsoidal shape (the European ones are circular) and in the choice of semiprecious stones as decoration (the European ones used only precious stones and pearls).