Czech zoos as the abode for thousands of animals. New miniature sheet of six stamps introduced by Czech Post

August 29th, 2016

Czech zoos are very popular touristic destination for people who visit Czech Republic all year round. The existence of the best known Czech zoological garden in Prague was marked by Czechoslovak, and later on Czech Post on several occasions, most recently in 2001 when the garden celebrated the 70th anniversary of its creation. This time is glad to introduce to our readers' attention a new miniature sheet that introduces other major zoos in the Czech Republic. 

Let's appreciate this bright stamp released together!

The CZK 16 stamp is dedicated to Jihlava Zoo: a pair of leopards with their offspring. This garden is located at a place close to the city centre, and yet it contains forested hillsides, meadows, rocks and water areas surrounding the small river weaving through the zoo. The zoo is the home of over 200 exotic species of animals, with a special focus on apes and felines, including snow leopard portrayed on the stamp. The zoo managed to repeatedly reproduce this rare species, also called irbis. Jihlava Zoo keeps the largest collection of South American marmosets in the Czech Republic.

The CZK 20 stamp presents Olomouc Zoo: a pair of Barbary lions with babies and an outline of a herd of antelopes - South African oryxes in the background. It is located in a beautiful forested landscape at the foothills of the Lower Jeseník mountains. The zoo keeps the largest herd of these ungulates in the Czech Republic.

The CZK 24 stamp presents the second largest Czech zoo in Dvůr Králové, famous for the first African safari park in the country. This focus on African animals was the brainchild of Josef Vágner, the zoo's director between 1695 and 1983 who organised several expeditions to Africa, resulting in many animals, especially ungulates, being brought into the collection.

The stamp portrays a rare black rhino with a baby and a couple of hyena dogs in the front.

The CZK 27 depicts a herd of Przewalski's horse, which is the emblematic species of Prague Zoo. Last year, the zoo was declared the fourth best zoo in the world by the largest travel site TripAdvisor, based on the opinions of hundreds of thousands of its regular users. Prague Zoo found its way into the world elite in 2007 when the famous economic magazine Forbes ranked it as the seventh best zoological garden in the world.

In 2016, Prague Zoo will celebrate the 85th anniversary of its creation.

The other species of Czech zoos are depicted in the two coupons and in the margins of the sheet.