November 3rd, 2017

Darwin and Wolf Sanctuary marked with stamps. 8 special items released by Ecuador Post is glad to let our readers know that Ecuador Post has released a special philatelic booklet of 8 stamps dedicated to the Darwin and Wolf Sanctuary in order to preserve and protect its cultural and tourist heritage.

A total of 3,000 booklets containing eight postage stamps with images of the sanctuary entered the postal circulation.

The government of Ecuador announced the creation of a new marine sanctuary around the Galápagos Islands of Darwin and Wolf in March 2016. The Marine Sanctuary itself is centered on the remote islands of Darwin and Wolf and occupies the area of over 15,000 square miles or 40,000 square kilometres.

Wolf and Darwin Islands are home to the world’s largest shark population and such iconic animals like giant tortoises and Darwin’s finches. But below the surface, there is a whole other world that is bustling with life. Recent expeditions revealed that the waters surrounding Darwin and Wolf are jam-packed with sharks.

Ecuador’s government says that the creation of this sanctuary is essential, as the habitat has come under increased pressure due to climate change and illegal shark fin poachers. From an economic perspective, a 2015 report found that sharks also have an immense value to tourism that greatly outweighs their value to the fishing industry. Tourists travel from all over the world to visit the Islands and dive to see the sharks, of which more than 34 different species can be found in these waters.

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