December 24th, 2016

Democracy through dialogue. Four special stamps on Kgotla issued by Botswana Post

Tags: hurries to inform our readers that Botswana Post has issued four new kgotla stamps with the tagline, “Democracy through dialogue”. The items were designed under four different themes being traditional adjudication, information dissemination, coronation of a chief and dikgafela harvest celebration.

Speaking during the launch of a new stamp called kgotla, BotswanaPost CEO, Mr Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, said a stamp was a powerful document because it transmitted information about the country’s economic dynamics, social lives and culture dynamics.

Mr Ramatlhakwane said the new kgotla stamp came in four issues, being traditional adjudication, information dissemination, coronation of a chief and dikgafela harvest.

However, he explained that the traditional adjudication issue showed the traditional meeting place within the community headed by the kgosi and his advisors while the information dissemination issue illustrated officials and politicians’ important issues such as policies and legislation with the community.

He also added that the coronation of a chief issue showed that the enthronement of a female kgosi culture and tradition was dynamic and the dikgafela harvest celebration showed the traditional appeasement to the ancestors, thanking them for the rains and the harvest.24

Mr Ramatlhakwane said this was the fifth stamp they had produced this year and they had been designing stamps in three years in a row.

“As BotswanaPost, the journey continues, we have been able to deliver mails within two days,” he said.
He also said they had reduced head office costs and staff because the company was making a loss, adding that some offices at the head office would be rented so that they could cut the costs. He said they also offered services such as paying water bills, selling airtime and electricity and they made revenue of more than P60 million.

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