October 9th, 2015

DivertiMento – anything but split personalities. Original stamp issue by Swiss Post


"Kultimulturell", "ZuvieliSation", "Plan B" and "Gate 10" are the comedy shows that DivertiMento have been touring with since Jonny and Manu teamed up on stage thirteen years ago. The duo have DivertiMento – anything but split personalities since notched up over 1,350 appearances together.

Swiss Post has prepared an original stamp issue to commemorate this unique duo.

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"2-3-4-1-2" could be a special Fibonacci sequence to describe their success: in February 2015 they finished the 2nd year of their 3- year theatre tour with their 4th comedy show "Gate 10" in a completely sold out Zurich Hallenstadion – a first for the duo, as it was the 1st time these Swiss comedians succeeded in selling out this stadium to the very last seat – and 2 nights running at that.

When approached by Swiss Post about designing its celebrity stamp for 2015, the two comedians thought it was the cherry on top of the cream cake. Together with their long-standing graphic artist collaborator Andreas Iten, they threw themselves into coming up with ideas for a DivertiMento stamp.

They very quickly hit on the basic concept of depicting DivertiMento - i.e. Jonny and Manu - on stage and together with their audience if possible. Andreas Iten has succeeded in brilliantly capturing the performers as comic figures in a circle reminiscent of a circus ring.

DivertiMento – anything but split personalities. Original stamp issue by Swiss Post

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