Doyens of Serbian Theatre stamps

May 18th, 2013


He started his career in the National theatre in his home town Nis. He acted in over 30 films, over 300 TV shows (drama and series) and around 150 theatre plays. With exceptional feeling and discreet means of expression he was particularly noticeable in comic roles. He was a member of Belgrade drama theatre until the pension, but he continued his rich acting life as a freelance artist. He is remembered by his colleagues as a big professional, and the audience knew him by suggestive interpretations of the roles he played.


Started her acting career in her home town Krusevac, where she was a member of Krusevac theatre for 10 years. At an early stage she showed tendency towards comedy roles, which she enriched with plenty creative means. From 1956 she was permanent member of National theatre in Nis. She played for two seasons in Belgrade drama theatre, and after that she returned to Niš, where she stayed until the pension. She played in many TV shows with great success and she gained great popularity. The audience remembers her mostly for her roles in "Zona Zamfirova", "Ivko's feast" and "Minister's wife". She played the role of Zivka "the minister's wife" in 6 premieres in 4 theatres: Krusevac, Nis, Sabac and Belgrade drama theatre.

PETAR KRALJ (1941-2011)

Graduated from Academy for theatre, film, radio and TV in Belgrade in 1964. He was permanent member of theatre Atelje 212 from 1968 till 1979, when he became freelance artist. He played on the stages of many theatres, but mostly in Atelje 212, National theatre and Belgrade drama theatre. He played the monodrama "Tola Manojlovic lived his life" (by Moma Dimic) for more then 40 years. From 12th of May 2012, stage in the basement of Atelje 212 carries his name. He played the role of a number of characters from the international and national heritage - Hamlet, Maxim Crnojevic, Trepljev, Captain Kaka, Strindberg, Henry Hagen, Dorđe Dzandar, Lefebvre, Doctor Schuster, David Strbac. He has won almost every award that an actor can win, including a Lifetime Achievement Award "Dobrica's ring" and "Pavle Vujisic". According to his testimony, his most cherished award was that "the audience had the patience to watch and listen to him".


He started acting on the stages of Academic theatre in Belgrade, in YCAS "Ivo Lola Ribar", Youth theatre, and in radio dramas of Radio Belgrade, but achieve full recognition for his roles in Belgrade drama theatre. One of the founders of our first out-of-institution ensemble "Drama troupe A". He starred in many TV dramas and series. He appeared in the film back in the 1948. ("Immortal youth" and "Sofka") and made dozens of film roles. He played on the stages of the National theatre in Belgrade and Atelje 212. He was a professor of acting on the Academy of arts in Novi Sad. He recorded more then 180 radio dramas. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award "Dobrica's ring".


Actress who successfully continued her family tradition – both her father (Branko) and mother (Irena) were actors. She graduated from the Great Film School in Belgrade led by Vjekoslav Afric. Her first film role was in the film "Barba Zvane", and her theatre career started in Belgrade drama theatre in its glory times. In 1961 she became a member of National theatre where she stayed until her death. She played her last play "Hasanaginica" just one month before her death. Thanks to the quality and tone of her voice, she recorded 210 radio dramas. She also played in TV shows ("Women's Talks", "The Written Off Return" and "Visa for the future"). She received the Lifetime Achievement Award "Dobrica's ring".


He started his professional career in the National theatre in Belgrade in 1942. In October 1944, as a member of the First Proletarian Cultural Club Division, he crosses the Srem front from Belgrade to Trieste. He is one of the founders of Belgrade drama theatre. From 1953 he was permanent member of the National theatre. He played in almost all the theatres in Belgrade, was a regular participant of the Dubrovnik summer games and has performed at the festival Budva City Theatre. He played a number of roles in TV dramas and series. In the theatre he played $ over three hundred roles, and he also played in 10 movies and in the number of TV series and dramas. He was one of the most vibrant veterans of the Serbian acting scene.


He studied law, worked as a radio journalist and unsuccessfully tried to enrol into the Academy for theatre art. Less than one season he played in Pancevo theatre, and started his film career in the film "Solaja" in 1955. That same year he received his first award – Golden arena in Pula for his role in the film "Three steps in the blank". He played in more than 100 films. Director Latuada, who directed the film "Stepa" in which he played, classified him as one of the top European acting elite. They compared him with Jan Gabin, Spenser Tracy and Orson Welles. He received almost all of the acclaimed Yugoslavian awards (7th July, Golden arena, "Slavica" for lifetime achievement, "Grand prix in Nis" etc). Lifetime Achievement Award in festival in Nis carries his name now.

DRAGAN LAKOVIC (1929-1990)

Theatre, film and TV actor, he was a member of Belgrade drama theatre (earlier Belgrade "Comedy"), with striking appearance and very pleasant voice. His best theatrical roles were in operettas and musicals, thanks to his distinct musical talent and pleasant voice. In TV shows he is remembered as a good man, but his most loyal viewers were children, who loved his songs and roles. As a co-worker he was well-intentioned and highly professional partner and was adored by his colleagues. He died to early to fulfill all of his potentials as an actor.

Artistic realization of the stamps: MA Marina Kalezić, academic painter.