Ecology in Europe – Think Green. Two environmentally friendly stamps released by HayPost

December 20th, 2016

Every year, European Post Offices (PostEurop) selects a common theme to celebrate and then each country issues stamps on this topic: One is a national stamp and the other a Europe-wide design chosen in a competition amongst members. is glad to introduce to you attention two newly issued stamps by HayPost dedicated to the theme “Europa 2016. Think green”.

Every year “HayPost” CJSC releases postage stamps in EUROPA series within the frameworks of the annual international stamps competition announced by “PostEurop” European postal operators' association. This year, each of the stamps was designed by a different designer because all European countries are issuing one of the stamps in this series according to a single design which was the winner of the competition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Europa stamps.

The first postage stamp “Think green” (the winner of the competition) is designed by the designer Doxia Sergidou (Cyprus Post). It shows a hand replacing the grey color with the green color symbolizing that “it is in our hand to create a greener planet”.

The second postage stamp is designed by the designer of “HayPost" CJSC Vahagn Mkrtchyan and depicts a deserted and dead area while the other part depicts a healthy lush tree, symbolizing the rehabilitation of the nature.