Egypt issues stamps to mark new Suez Canal using photos of Panama Canal instead

September 16th, 2014 got to know that the Egyptian government commissioned a series of stamps to mark the billion euro project – the building of a new Suez Canal, but using an image of the Panama Canal instead.

Instead of featuring photographs taken only in Egypt, the stamps have been printed with pictures of the famous Panama Canal.

"Egypt issues stamps of "new Suez Canal", but steals an image of the Panama Canal instead", tweeted Amro Ali, an academic from the coastal city of Alexandria and added "Major fail".

The €3 billion scheme to build a 15-km extension of the waterway was announced last month, but officials has suffered a series of false starts.

According to the received information, a government official, speaking to an Egyptian newspaper Youm 7, said that the postal service was aware of the mix up and was trying to rectify the situation.

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