Emirates Post issues stamps on 50 Years of Postal Services in Abu Dhabi

April 15th, 2013

Emirates Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps to mark the 50th Anniversary of postal services in Abu Dhabi, in coordination with Emirates Philatelic Association.

"The development of postal services over the past 50 years is a matter of great pride for the UAE. The early years laid a strong foundation for postal services and today we are proud to say that the UAE has some of the most advanced postal services in the UAE," said Mr. Ibrahim bin Karam, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Post Group.

The first post offices were opened in Abu Dhabi and Das Island on March 30, 1963, operated under the supervision of British Mail from Bahrain, using Queen Elizabeth II stamps. In 1964, the postal administration released the first postage stamps bearing the emirate's name and carrying local scenes. In 1965, the British postal administration issued the first set of commemorative stamps on falconry.

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