Encouraging youth to get involved into philately. 3 colourful and funny stamps released by German Post

October 21st, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to present this bright and colourful German stamp issue that is focused on youth philately, and for that, the German postal service has chosen to utilize a German classic in the stamp issue.

The issue depicts three different famous children’s stories such as “Kleiner König Kalle Wirsch”, “Kater Mikesch” and “Urmel aus dem Eis”. The stories exist as both books, and as shows for TV.

The stamps feature a depiction from the TV shows, where the main heroes of these exciting stories were made as puppet-theater in the Augsburg Puppenkiste - a famous puppet-theater in the German city Augsburg. The theater is home to a long list of German children’s shows, and a host of children’s books have been produced based on these. Some of these succeeded outside of Germany as well, as the stories about Urmel and his friends have been sold in more than 800.000 copies worldwide.

Notable for their original design, these bright and original stamps aim to promote the hobby of stamp collecting among the youth. So let’s appreciate these creative items and support the initiative launched by German Post!