July 25th, 2018

Enjoy more weather wonders on 5 new Canadian stamps


Canada Post has introduced its second set of Weather Wonders stamps that feature photographs of meteorological phenomena. These stamps follow Canada Post`s first weather-themed issue from 2015 weather-themed issue from 2015  and showcase five other weather wonders: steam fog, a moon halo, a waterspout, lenticular clouds and light pillars. Captured in Canada by amateur and professional photographers with endless patience, keen eyes and some luck too, these photos reveal the awesome power and beauty of nature.

So, the first stamp features a photograph of steam fog hovering over a lake in British Columbia. This beautiful photo was taken by Mark Newman. The second item shows a waterspout over Lake Ontario. This captivating image was made by by Garry M. Cass. Marilyn Dunstan’s photo of lenticular clouds appeared on the third stamp. These lens-shaped clouds often form over mountains, and in Dunstan’s photo they are “soaring like UFOs over the mountains of Alberta’s Jasper National Park”.

The last two philatelic items show light pillars and a moon halo, respectively.  The photo of light pillars was taken by Timmy Joe Elzinga, a resident of North Bay, Ontario.  These are ethereal bands of light that appear when tiny ice crystals in the air reflect light from artificial sources. There is also some interesting peculiarity of these stamps. You will need a magnifying glass to see the names of the phenomena that are hidden in various locations on the designs. These microtype descriptions are in both English and French. 


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