Famous Ukrainian families – Tereschenko generation

November 14th, 2014

According to info got by FindYourStampsValue.com on the 14th of November the philatelic issue "Family of Tereschenko" entered into circulation and is valid for payment of postal services.

Tereschenko - a prominent family of Gluhovschiny, who in 1870 received noble status.

Tereshchenko is a wealthy family known from the 18th century in Ukraine and outside the world. Its representatives have become famous not only as prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs, but also as extraordinary philanthropists and landowners. Tereshchenko family has Cossack roots and comes from the ancient city of Hlukhiv (now Sumy region), the former residence of Hetmans of Left-bank Ukraine.

Tereshchenko family is famous far beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia. Sugar manufacturers, collectors, politicians, financiers - they're considered as one of the most prominent people of Europe. Artemy Yakovlevich Tereshchenko - first guild merchant, by royal decree of May 12, 1870 for special merits and as a reward for charity, was elevated to the hereditary nobility of the Russian Empire. He was helped to run his business by his three sons - Nicola, Theodore and Simon.

For over half a century Tereshchenko family has been giving Ukraine numerous buildings, cultural and educational institutions, as well as priceless art collections, now kept in museums of Kiev, that established by same Tereshchenkos.

A leading place among the sugar manufacturers takes by the Tereshchenko family, they gave Ukraine and to the world the best business leaders, art collectors and patrons, aircraft designers and politicians, people who have shown their talents in many areas of social and cultural life.