Fans and collectors are excited with stamps celebrating the finest goalies in Canadian hokey history!

October 5th, 2015

Less than a week before the puck drops to start the 2015-16 NHL season, Canada Post lifted the veil on a new stamp issue that celebrates six goaltending greats who transformed hockey. The 2015 NHL® Great Canadian Goalies set highlights some of the finest goalies to play in the NHL between 1952 and 2015.

All won the most coveted of prizes – the Stanley Cup® Championship and the Vezina Trophy, recognizing the NHL's best goalkeeper. All changed the way the game was played or perceived, making them larger-than-life figures. encourages our readers to throw a look at this monumental and historical stamp issue that has already become a real sensation in the world of philately.

"These six goalies will forever remain relevant and real in a country that embraces its stars", says Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopra. "They wore their hearts on their sleeves while they played, and captured ours in the process. Their on-ice brilliance left an indelible impression on a nation. They are an important part of our country's rich history, and we are proud to immortalize these players on our stamps".

"Many people dream of playing in the NHL, but only a distinguished number of players achieve it; and an even smaller, esteemed group leave a timeless impression", says Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner. "Having some of the greatest NHL goalies immortalized on these stamps is remarkable; a true testament to their impact on hockey fans around the world. We're proud to share this momentous occasion with the players, their loved ones, and the fans".
Four of the five living hockey legends attended the unveiling ceremony in the Esso Great Hall, home of the Stanley Cup® at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Martin Brodeur, St. Louis Blues Assistant General Manager, was represented by his nephew, Philippe Gendron. Doreen Worsley, Gump Worsley's widow, represented her husband at the event attended by hundreds of other dignitaries and fans.

Avi Dunkelman and Joe Gault of Mix Design in Toronto designed the six-stamp Canadian issue, which features head-and-shoulder images of the players in uniform. The players are portrayed the way fans remember them. Four of the six are in masks. Two – Worsley and Bower – are without.