FC Wacker Innsbruck – 100 Years of Tyrolean Traditional Club commemorated on stamp

July 7th, 2013

The Tyrolean FC Walker Innsbruck Club is celebrating its birthday. Austrian Post has created this stamp for the occasion. The stamp features the club's traditional symbol in its widely popular colours black and green.

The Football Club Wacker ("Valiant") Innsbruck was established in 1913 by Jakob Hanspeter, Benedikt Hosp, Josef Leitner, Josef Albrecht and other now unknown football enthusiasts and adopted club colours of black and green. After a few years playing friendlies against other Innsbruck sides, the club was put on hiatus until 1918 because of the interruption of the First World War. In 1964 the club participated the first time in Austria’s A-Liga, today’s Bundesliga, winning its first championship in 1971.

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