Featuring Fashion of Singapore and France on Joint Stamp Issue

November 29th, 2013

Fashionistas get ready! Beautifully illustrated in this joint stamp issue is the sophisticated fashion in France and cultural costumes of Singapore which was released on November. Singapore's vibrant and multicultural heritage has allowed many traditional costumes to be still worn and commonly seen throughout the island, especially during the festive seasons.

Singapore is fast becoming one of Asia's top fashion capitals. The Asia Fashion Exchange, which has been held for four years now, brings together professional from the world for roundtable discussions. It organizes competitions to showcase new generations of Asian designers. It was also in Singapore, where, for the second time at the end of 2012, a week was dedicated to haute couture. For this event, certain young designers from Parisian fashion shows were invited to present their collections with the support of the Federation francaise de la Couture. This crafted a significant milestone for Asia and the occasion for international exchanges and inspiration for the creations of tomorrow.